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ATEO_English Questions

Welcome to your ATEO_English questions

বি. দ্র. নিচের তিনটি ঘর অবশ্যই পূূরণ করতে হবে। নতুবা আপনার প্রশ্ন জমা হবে না। 

Full marks : 15   Time: 10 mins


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1.What does “apartheid” refer to?

2.The word Manifestation means_

3.Substitution for a cardiologist will be_

4.Choose the correct sentence?

5.What is the steering of a car used for?

6.Write down the adjective from of the word “cartoon”_

7.What will be the appropriate article in the blank of the sentence? I see you are—Wordsworth.

8.Which of the following is the right spelling?

9.Fill in the blank with appropriate preposition. He takes pride –his wealth.

10.Which word can be used both as verb and noun?

11.Identify the parts of speech of the word ‘vivid’_

12.Who is the writer of “Arms and the Man”?

13.Robert frost is a poet of_

14. Public universities are funded by_

15.Complete the sentence : If you had informed me before, I_you.

16. The new rule is advantageous_us.

17.What is the meaning of the underlines phrase in the sentence/ To look quickly through a book is an important study skill.

18.Choose he correct sentence:

19.The witness cut a poor _ in his cross examination.

20.She did not buy is_ the price was so high.

21.THe word ‘mandatory’ means

22.The phrase, I caught sight of her means_

23.What is meant by BSTI?

24. The word pesticide means_

25.What is the antonym of the word ignorance?