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পরীক্ষা শুরু করার পূর্বে ই নিচর  ৩টি ঘর অবশ্যই যথাযথভাবে পূরণ করবেন। নতুবা আপনার উত্তরপত্র জমা হবে না।

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1.Fraility the name is women. Here "Fraility” is

2. I am in the process of collecting material for my story. The underlined word is a /an-

3.Which one is a an abstract noun?

4. What type of noun the word 'Rice' is?

5.Which one is a material noun?

6.'Water' is a noun.

7.What kind of noun is 'river'?

8.The word 'army' is a

9.What kind of noun is 'Boy'?

10. What kind of noun is 'Girl?

11.Which one of the following is an example of proper noun?

12. What kind noun is 'Dhaka'?

13.What part of speech is 'scarcity'?

14. What pert of speech is “scarcity”?

15. They tell us a tale about a tail. The word 'tale' is

16. Bangladesh has a good---------in cricket. Choose the right expression for the gap.

17.The soldiers were rewarded for their bravery. Which class of noun bravery' belong to?

18. We need to buy some new

19 which one is Collective Noun?

20. Which one is the noun?

21. Which one is the noun form?

22.The countable form of ‘laughter’ is-

23.Which one is a correct sentence?

24. Find out the correct sentence.

25. What kind of noun is ‘Cattle’?

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