English SK, Unit 5, Lesson 1-2

প্রিয় DPEd শিক্ষার্থী  English SK, Unit 5, Lesson 1-2  Online Test এ আপনাকে স্বাগতম...

নিচের ৫টি ঘর অবশ্যই যথাযথভাবে পূরণ করবেন। নতুবা আপনার উত্তরপত্র জমা হবে না।

1. Your Full Name (as SSC):
2. Class Roll
3. Shift No. (1st/2nd)
4. Name of PTI
5. Mobile No.

DPEd Online Test- 2020
Subject: English SK
Unit 5, Lesson 1-2
Time: 35 minutes      Full Marks: 20

A. Write the answer to the following questions (Any One): 4×1=4
1.Write a short paragraph about your own hobby or pastime.

2.Make a dialogue in pairs about taking photography as profession.

B. Answer the following questions in short (any three): 2×3=6
1.What are the advantages of the new method of taking photographs?

2.Where should be the position of the object while taking picture in the sun?

3.What is the gerunds form? Give two examples in sentences.

4.Write four sentences using the infinitives form.

C. Choose the correct answer.
1. I feel proud --- home something good to show my family.

2. I like --- my hobby.

3. I‘ve done my hobby since ---------------.

4. Which one is verbs of preference;

5. It‘s really nice to --------- able to capture the moment.

6.It‘s difficult ------ play chess with Hassan.

7. Pushpita enjoys --------.

8. There are two main types of image sensors that are used in most digital cameras:

9. Be careful --- don‘t fall over and hurt yourself.

10. I agree that public awareness is ---------- to protect our environment from pollution.

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